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Should we consider dedicated IP address for website hosting? Internet

What is an IP Address?

An Internet Protocol (IP) refers to a unique sequence of digits that is given to each type of device that accesses the internet. An IP gives the internet and websites authority to identify the specific device accessing the internet. What is Dedicated IP Hosting? This refers to assigning an IP address that is unique to and individual server, meaning that only the assigned site resides on that specific server domain. Read interesting article from HostingDecisions on same. What is Shared IP Hosting? Refers to a number of sites sharing the same address. In shared IP hosting plan, the servers determine the site requested using the domain keyed on the user’s internet browser.

Why use a Dedicated IP Address?

  • For SSL Certificates and Ecommerce ready

For someone building an ecommerce website expecting clients to use their credit card meaning they have to give personal information, one might need to consider offering some kind of security in this case SSL to protect them against vulnerable personal information leakage. A dedicated IP will certainly protect this kind of information with an SSL certificate installed on it.

  • High Volume Traffic Solved

Regardless of which business on is running online, if it is a site that experiences high traffic data transfer on regular basis, a dedicated IP is worth considering. This helps deal with sudden changes on data traffic with the flexibility to accommodate new and current visitors to the Benefits of Dedicated IP Hosting website. This also reduces the possibility of the website crashing due to high traffic.

  • Search Engine Ranking

With a dedicated IP you don’t have to worry too much about optimization to have the website being ranked on the search engine. Dedicated IP is the best shot to get high rankings. With this kind of hosting plan the website is made more independent with regard to other websites using the same server. This results to the website being recognized by major search engines such as Google or Yahoo.

  • Shows Professionalism in a Website

If lucky to get a dedicated IP hosting plan that is affordable you should consider it. With the IP not withstanding, it’s obvious that if any host is willing to include such a feature in their plan one can very comfortably assume that all other features required to host a professional site are included with the Oracle ATG Enterprise Performance Management System.


Its okay to conclude that the most known advantage of using a dedicated or a static IP hosting is that apart from its complex hosting capabilities it also offers remarkable levels of flexibility. We recommend to use Bluehost webhosting wireless broadband service and you can find Bluehost coupons here on HostingDecisions. The fact that it uses SSL certificate coupled with anonymous File Transfer Protocol (FTP), it allows users share personal information online securely and in a discrete manner. Forget about creating that high quality key word rich content or having some over optimized content or building some solid website architecture and any other outrages over the board things to make search engines rank your site a bit higher. Having to pay a little bit more for a static IP will go a long way to your website’s future.